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Our History.

     Praise Chapel began with one church in Maywood, CA., in 1976, with Pastors Mike and Donna Neville, who moved to the Los Angeles area from Tulsa, OK.


     Within a few years, God began to move in a very special way as gang members and their families began to be saved. Soon the church was filled with people on fire for God; who went outside the church, into the streets and neighborhoods of Los Angeles, preaching the gospel and seeing souls saved. Following what God was doing, Mike and Donna began to train pastors and sent them out into the various areas of Los Angeles, and outward, to start new churches. God blessed these new pastors and churches as they reached the unsaved and unchurched people.


     In 1980's, Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship Honolulu was planted by Pastor Mike Stevens who ministered right in the heart of Honolulu, HI. Along the years, Pastor Jack and Clarisse Neville and Pastor Herman "Kelly" Bishaw also pastored Praise Chapel Honolulu. Out of this one church in Honolulu, HI, two more churches were birth forth: Praise Chapel Hilo by Pastor Clayton Kubota and Praise Chapel Wahiawa by Pastor Earl Sumner.


     November 1988, Pastor Earl and Gail Sumner branched out and started Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship Wahiawai, also known as Praise Chapel Hawaii. The church has been faithful in the small town of Whitmore, loving on the community for 27 years. It is a source of help to the homeless and a safe haven for the youth in the community. Within the 27 years, Pastor Earl has commissioned two churches. The first is in the city of Waialua, HI (Oahu) by Pastor Steve and Glas Rivera, called Praise Chapel North Shore, and the second is here on the Island of Lanai, HI, by Pastor Mark and Charmaine Orbistondo, called Praise Chapel Maui County, Pu'uhonua (Sanctuary).


     Today, the Praise Chapel Family of Fellowships has multiplied into many areas of the United States and the world. There are over 200 churches in the United States and hundreds more in over 13 nations. Praise Chapel has truly become a "Family of Fellowships".

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