I first got saved back in 1985 going to church with some friends who recently gotten saved in at Wahiawa Assembly of God. Two childhood friends Bobby and Jofrey coax me to come to church with them which I did. In that morning attending service, I recall I was impressed with the singing, clapping and the people’s love and enthusiasm toward a God that I believed in but not familiar with. This started my Journey into the spiritual world that soon after years serving him just totally knocked me off my feet.

                After that encounter in Wahiawa church, I prayed to God in the best heartfelt sincere prayer a 19yr old can come up with and simply said, “Lord this is all good but, when I get my child, then get married then I’ll come and serve you.” Little that I knew, I would be sitting in a room of my future wife listening to a conversation from her mom and some friends about the power of prayer and a God who hears our prayer. Right then and there, I recall a voice in my head saying to me, “you have a child coming, and just proposed to your future wife by asking her hand in marriage to her father and mother. Are you going to serve me now? What a trip, I could relate to Peter’s words when Jesus asked him are you going to leave too? And Peter answered, paraphrasing “where will we go, you have words that bring eternal life?” Another mild stone of how God was extending His Love for me that I could not deny that He has a Plan for my life.

                Char on the other hand wasn’t willing to let go of her life of fun and partying and meeting new friends since marrying this guy who gave her security and family entertaining guest during the weekend. Her search for family life has also just begun with a child our first born [Gavin] in tow. Just doing life together was a way of settling into society and contributing as a citizen in a quiet town in Whitmore.

Her opportunity to ask the Lord into her life came in a time she witnessed changes in me where I begin to study more of the Bible and settle down to life of prayer and fasting. I’ve come down from a body weight of 170 to almost 145lbs in a matter of month and this is what she didn’t sign up for. So yes, the beginning of our marriage was rough because our courtship was only 6month before we decided to get married with a Gavin on his way. She recalled one afternoon when the sun was shining into my mother’s kitchen and she asked the Lord into her life and not only got saved, but got filled with the Holy Spirit right there in our home. Her journey after countless denying of God and serving Him through a catholic back ground came to understand the God of the bible and the impact of Him in today’s engagement with a relational God of the bible.

During that time, Pastor Earl of Praise Chapel Honolulu was being sent out to start a church in Wahiawa and He was doing an outreach in Wahiawa during the week. Our path crossed and I decided to attend with some friends to his Movie night showing the Big Three movies in the Wahiawa Library. He wanted to do worship and I shared I played the guitar and could sing some songs I’ve learned from Wahiawa assembly of God and could lead worship for him. Who would guess this untimely reunion would forge a partnership that would last 31yrs in Wahiawa with the start and continued growth of Praise Chapel Wahiawa in the state of Oahu.

It is here where Char and I both grew and headed the call to ministry where we believe that God has showed us to come to Lana’i and do the work of sharing to the unsaved and reuniting and Christians and restoring church according the biblical principles of what it is to be a church in a community that has seen or understood church in a different light far different than what Jesus intent of a church that he cherished and died for. Come partner with us as we journey these last days to the power and manifestation of God’s power to the church who is willing to except all by first "belonging Before U believe" in a life that is meant to bring righteousness, peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost.

Jeremiah 1:5, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations."

Char and Mark has three adult Children, Gavin-Michael, Abel, and Tiffany, husband Eddie along with with their four children, Jayden, Payton, Lilyana and Joash.  All Love God, all serve in ministry.

Mark & Char